99%Raw Steroids Hormone Anabolic Androgenic Methenolone Acetate Powder for Female

 99%Raw Steroids Hormone Anabolic Androgenic  Methenolone Acetate Powder for Female
Methenolone acetate
Product name: Methenolone acetate
Methenolone acetate Synonyms:nibal;premobolan;primobolan;primobolone;primonabol
Methenolone acetate CAS NO.: 434-05-9
Methenolone acetate M.F.: C22H32O3
Methenolone acetate M.W.: 344.49
Methenolone acetate Assays: 98%
Methenolone acetate Packaging: discreet packing
Methenolone acetate Appearance: White or white crystalline powder
Primobolan is considered a fairly weak steroid. Its anabolic/androgenic ratings are low and it’s one of the weakest steroids on paper; though, it is stronger than masteron. Since masteron is always related to cutting cycles, on paper primo should gain credibility as a cutting steroid.
primobolan increases nitrogen retention, it’s been touted as anti-catabolic, and somewhat anabolic (which can be disputed).

Primobolan Profile (Methenolone)
    (Oral Version is + Acetate Ester)
    (Injectable Version is + Enanthate Ester)
    Molecular weight of base: 302.4558
    Molecular weight of Acetate ester: 60.0524
    Molecular weight of Enanthate ester: 130.1864
    Formula: C20H30O2
    Effective dose(oral): (Men)50-100mgs/day; (Women) 10-25mgs/day
    Effective dose (injectable): (Men) 350-600mgs/week; (Women) 100mgs/week
    Active Life: 10-14 days (injectable); 4-6hrs (oral)
    Detection Time: 4-5 weeks
    Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio (Range): 88:44-57

Methenolone acetate 50mg/ml Suspension
Make methenolone acetate Suspension Recipe
Water based injectable solution of Primo Ace at 50mg/ml (much like a Winstrol depot suspension)
20mls @ 50mg/ml
1g powder
4.8ml BB
0.6ml BA
0.6ml polysorbate 80
12.5ml distilled water
mix powder, BB, BA, and poly and heat until dissolved. filter, add water and re-filter


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