Pharmaceutical Raw Procaine Powder 99%min Procaine hydrochloride CAS 51-05-8

Pharmaceutical Raw Procaine Powder 99%min Procaine hydrochloride CAS 51-05-8 Procaine HCl
Procaine hydrochloride

Product name: Procaine HCl
Alias: Procaine hydrochloride;aminocaine;anadolor;atoxicocaine;
Chemical Name:2-Diethylaminoethyl p-aminobenzoate Monohydrochloride, Chlorhydrate
Assay: 99%min
EINECS: 200-077-2
Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade
Storage: Shading, confined preservation
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Manufacturer: QUANAO



Usage: Procaine hydrochloride is a kind of local anesthetics, for local anesthesia, nerve block etc, can block the conduction of nerve fibers with anesthetic effect, strong function, low toxicity, and no addiction, but the skin, mucous membrane penetration force is weak, not suitable for surface anesthesia, clinically used to infiltration, spine and conduction anesthesia.


In summary, the Procaine HCl molecules being composed of a molecule of PABA (p-aminobenzoic acid), a B vitamin, hooked through an ester linkage to DEAE (diethylaminoethanol), a precursor to the B vitamin choline, functioned in the body as a true vitamin molecule at a cellular level effecting cell membranes.

Since the diseased state of a cell that is responsible for most degenerative diseases involves or is precipitated by malfunctions of the cell membranes, the inability of the cell to repair and rebuild new healthy membranes, it followed that this compound procaine hydrochloride (Procaine HCl) could be very useful in helping degenerative diseases by improving the ability of the cell to renew, repair and rebuild diseased cellular membranes thus normalizing cellular function. The normalized healthy cell in turn would correct the functional problems caused by the diseased state.

Procaine hydrochloride, also called Novocain, or Novocaine, synthetic organic compound used in medicine as a local anesthetic. Introduced in 1905 under the trade name Novocaine, it became the first and best-known substitute for cocaine in local anesthesia. Generally used in a 1 to 10 percent saline solution, procaine hydrochloride is administered by injection for infiltration (area flooding as in dental anesthesia), nerve-block, spinal, and caudal anesthesia. Unlike cocaine, procaine is not toxic, addicting, or irritating. It has been displaced somewhat by the chemically related drugs lidocaine and mepivacaine, which produce prompter, more intense anesthesia.


Procaine HCl at normal ambient temperature, Procaine HCl is kind of white needle crystal or crystalline powder, odorless, bitter taste and hemp, soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in chloroform, insoluble in ether. Ester bond of procaine hydrochloride can be hydrolyzed, producing amino benzoic acid and two diethylamino ethanol, under some certain conditions, p-aminobenzoic acid can be decarboxylated to toxic aniline.

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